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What a year! Moving, renting, wrenching and riding. We couldn’t have asked for more from the summer of 2017. With the season change however it is time to adjust hours and change focus.

Hours – Starting October 1st the shop will be closed on Sundays. For the fall and winter the shop will be opening at 10am and closing at 5pm.

Riding – The weather is cool and the riding is perfect. If you are starting to hesitate to get on your bike – DON’T! All you need is a bit of water protection and some smart layering to enjoy the best riding time of the year the island has to offer. Stop in and see us if you need some help with this.

Sales – Meat Machine Cycles has accumulated loads of odds and ends over the last two years. This makes it the perfect opportunity to have the first annual bike shop garage sale. More details in the coming days! Our entire hybrid rental fleet is available for purchase. The hybrids are only one season old and in great shape.

Have a happy and relaxing fall on two wheels or off.