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Winter Hours

Winter Hours

Winter Hours

Winter is here! This is the first year that we are closing for the off-season. This change from our traditional scheduling is necessitated by many factors. We recognize that this will cause hardship for many of our local patrons. To alleviate that to the best of our ability we will be offering clinic days sporadically throughout the winter. Reach out to us using our contact form for more info on the next clinic day. Do not hesitate to reach out for emergency service and we will try to accommodate. 


Closure schedule: Last 2022 Day – November 12th      First 2023 Day – April 1st.  



San Juan Island Photography & e-bike tour

San Juan Island Photography & e-bike tour

Last week we had a stretch of beautiful weather, and I had the good fortune to meet this father and daughter from Seattle who took our photography tour. The low, late day sun, wildlife and landscapes of San Juan Island provided ample opportunities for photo-exploration. The e-bikes allowed us to cover ground quickly and get to all the great spots.

Greg Sellentin


For more information and to schedule a tour, contact Greg at Meat Machine Cycles in Friday Harbor, WA at 360-370-5673 or www.meatmachinebicycles.com.

Another successful Sunset tour on San Juan Island. 

Another successful Sunset tour on San Juan Island. 

 Bicycle tour guide Greg Sellentin spent a lovely Sunday afternoon with a couple who were visiting from Lafayette, Louisiana riding e-bikes along the west side of San Juan Island. The tour ended with a romantic catered gourmet wine and cheese picnic overlooking Haro Strait while the sunset displayed its epic halloween orange and chimney red visuals.  


Meat Machine Cycles’ Sunset Tour is a great way to get some mild exercise on high-end easy-to-ride e-bikes and see San Juan Island. 

“We are so thankful for the wonderful time you showed us yesterday on the e-bikes! We will never forget it – the ride, the food, wine and sunset views – oh my goodness, spectacular!” Greg and Michelle 


For more information and to schedule a tour, contact Greg at Meat Machine Cycles in Friday Harbor, WA at 360-370-5673 or www.meatmachinebicycles.com.

New SJI e-bike tour for photo enthusiasts.

New SJI e-bike tour for photo enthusiasts.

Meat Machine Cycles — Friday Harbor’s only full-service bike repair and rental shop — is offering a new bicycle tour for photography enthusiasts.

Meat Machine’s professional photographer will guide guests on a mild bike ride to the most scenic and also lesser known San Juan Island locations to learn the basic tenets of outdoor photography.

Professional guide Greg Sellentin will use his 30 years of experience to help participants capture picturesque shots of island lighthouses, wildlife, sunsets, wildflowers and more. Specific scenes can be tailored to riders’ interests.

Join a tour, or schedule a private group with a minimum of two people. Participants can use their own bikes, or opt for the shop’s standard or E-bicycles for this approximately 4-hour, 20-mile cruise. E-bikes offer an efficient way to traverse the island with ease and low impact. Meat Machine staff will carry riders’ bulky equipment, like tripods and lenses, as well as healthy snacks and a gourmet lunch to enjoy among the scenic San Juan vistas.

The tour is for beginner to advanced cyclists and photographers. Whether shooting with a digital SLR, point-and-shoot or phone, Meat Machine staff can help participants capture the beauty of San Juan Island, based on your individualized vision.

“I came here with the intention of just staying the winter, that was 4 years ago, and after having experienced the natural beauty and serenity of the San Juan Islands, I decided to stay. I’m incredibly grateful to be able to share and combine my passion for cycling and photography with others.” Photography and Bicycle Tour guide, Greg Sellentin.

For more information and to schedule a tour, contact Meat Machine staff at 360-370-5673 or www.meatmachinebicycles.com.


Meat Machine Cycles opened in 2016 under the guide of Seth Cox, who has over 20 years of bicycle industry experience. Meat Machine’s vision is to serve the San Juan bicycle community and help foster the elation that cycling can bring. The shop was founded to serve the needs of both visitors and locals without being just a rental shop.


Greg left the advertising and photography world of New York City relatively unscathed, and moved to Alaska. He worked there as a publisher, and led tours ranging from photography, kayak, rafting and bear viewing in Southeast Alaska, to dog sledding and expeditioning/winter camping in Central Alaska. He has lived on San Juan Island since 2016.

All images copyright Greg Sellentin 2019


What’s it to you?

What’s it to you?

Reflections on the myriad meanings of the bicycle



By Matthew Metcalf


Riding a bicycle: it means so many different things to so many
different people. Whether positive, negative, or otherwise, I think most folks
in the world have some association with riding a bike. To see how many
associations there might be, try this simple thought exercise: imagine asking a
7-year-old, a doctor, and a farm owner each to complete this sentence: “riding
a bike is __________.” Maybe you would illicit responses such as “awesome”,
“therapeutic”, and “a waste of time”, respectively; obviously the possibilities
are endless. Whatever you imagined, it’s easy to see the vast spectrum of
meaning that the bike can have. 

For me, a cycling-obsessed amateur racer, life-long commuter,
safe-cycling educator and mechanic, the bicycle has a ton of points of significance.
Today, as I reflect on (and in) the recent snowfall here on beautiful San Juan
Island, I want to focus on one specific association: the bicycle as freedom.
I know a lot of cyclists, especially blossoming ones, can attest to the
liberating potential of the bike – here are a couple of my favorite freedoms
the bicycle helps me find.

 Freedom of movement

 Bicycles are capable of travelling in a unique number of ways.

This has been fresh on my mind since yesterday, when I rode my mountain bike a
couple miles through the eight inches of snow we were hit, err, blessed with.
This would have been a much more difficult, and probably more dangerous
undertaking in my partner’s rear-wheel drive car. Okay, the easy way around
that is to drive a 4×4, one might say. But even if my family had a more
snow-worth motor vehicle, driving two miles to buy a carton of milk would not
have included any trails, side paths, or stairs, all of which I enjoyed
traversing yesterday on my bike. Actually, if I account for walking the narrow
path around a closed gate, parking 10 feet from the store’s front door, and
rolling down a steep rocky bank, I can’t think of any other type of
transportation that could have done what the bike allowed me to do on that one

 Freedom of expression

This one might not ring true for all, or even most cyclists, but

for me a bike-y lifestyle offers a number of ways to express myself. I’m not
just talking about picking the perfect color hubs or the correctly shaped stem
(though I do love a stylish frame-up build), nor am I simply referring to the
way we choose to dress as cyclists. There’s something beneath the surface that
the bike helps me discover, and that’s my ‘self’ and all it’s peculiarities.

 Riding a bike is, let’s face it, going against the cultural grain

in this country. Even as environmental awareness is on the rise, and with it an
increasing public opinion of the bike, cycling as anything but a strange sport
for wiry white men is hardly normalized. Embracing a cycling lifestyle helped me
realize that a lot of the myths in our world are misleading, sometimes plainly
untrue. Exploring the world on a bike has, in a sense, permitted me to believe
things I want to believe and do things, like riding a bike to work as a 30
year-old dad, that the world doesn’t necessarily encourage. And that all helps
me feel more like I’m expressing my true self. 

Since being on two wheels is such a huge part of my life, I could probably write endlessly on this subject. But what about you? Even if you never plan to ride a bike again, you probably have some opinions about this
century-old, two-wheeled contraption. What does the bicycle mean to you? Whatever your reply, I bet it is different than your neighbor’s. And that multiplicity, that diversity, is one of the machines biggest strengths.

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