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 Meat Machine Cycles has the most complete bicycle repair shop in the San Juan Islands, and is staffed by the most qualified and experienced mechanic. Using only the best possible consumable products and keeping up to date on the latest technology allows us to offer you top quality repairs that will keep you on the road or the trail. From suspension rebuilds to flat tire changes we are ready to help you. We can even help you with an ebike that is acting up.

Emergency service is often available, don’t hesitate to call. (360) 370-5673

Service Packages

Bacon Bits – $45

 Safety Check, with minor adjustments and quick cleaning. This package ensures that your lightly used bike is safe to use and allows the technician to thoroughly assess the condition of your bike.

Lamb Chop – $120

Detailed cleaning and adjustments, this package also includes installation of any wear components that need replacement. This package will get your bicycle shifting and braking perfectly, wheels trued/adjusted, and guarantees that your bike is ready for a season of hard use. 

Electric Chop – $160

This service package is designed for that hard-used ebike. It includes everything in the Lamb Chop package with the addition of ebike specific services such as software/firmware updates and diagnostics. Ebikes are used harder and more frequently than many normal bikes and require specialized service to keep them running in top shape. 

Fillet Mignon -$220

This is a total overhaul of that old, faithful bike that needs to be taken down to the frame and rebuilt. This package also includes assembly of new wheels if that is part of the plan. This package makes that rough old bike function better than new.

Specific Services

We offer a complete range of services, available individually or within service packages. We stay up to date on the newest technologies and can help you with any of your bicycle issues.

To check on specific details, make an appointment or check our current back log; Call (360) 370-5673